Parabrahma Nityananda is referred to as Parabrahma because he was the divine incarnate. He took the human form only for the benefit of mankind and to show them the way towards higher human evolution. All his life, his only possession remained a loincloth and he roamed the whole country performing many miraculous deeds in the presence of people.

As a baby, he was found in the jungles of Kerala, mysteriously protected by a Cobra snake. The poor lady who found the child, took him to the house where she worked and the person named Ishwar Iyer reared up Nityananda. People began noticing him to have extraordinary qualities from childhood itself. As he grew up the entire of Kerala and Karnataka recognised him as a very special and extraordinary soul for he performed live miracles and healing, stopping trains and buses, healing people of disease and maladies, appearing simultaneously in multiple locations, paying money or gifting children with sweets from thin air, converting an abandoned fortress hill in Kanhangad (Kerala) in a huge mysterious caves having 43 caves in it and later transmigrating to Ganeshpuri (Maharastra) and converting a forest hill into the dwelling place for the tribals there. Soon his name spread wide and thousands flocked to visit him everyday and experienced miracles. He blessed many saints and devotees, who later became renowned Masters all over the globe, thus establishing ashrams for the welfare of people. He was visited regularly by even politicians, celebrities, doctors and businessmen, but a huge population of his visitors were the poor tribals, fishermen and the lowly and they all received equal love and grace from Nityananda, who never distinguished anyone by species, race, religion, caste, community or colour.

Even after Nityananda leaving his body, Ganeshpuri still attracts thousands of people from all over the world, who continue to mysteriously experience his grace and miracles.

Swami Vijayananda was blessed by his subtle presence since childhood, who later found himself in the company of many saints who were associated with Nityananda in person. Swami Karunakar was one of the direct disciples of Nityananda, who guided Swami Vijayananda until he was in his physical body, and continues to grace, just as promised to Swamiji, the selfless mission of Nityananda Arogya Dham.

It is very amazing to notice that Parabrahma Nityananda had graced not only during his physical lifetime but even today continues to grace and bless all those who come in touch with his grace or through his ashrams. Nityananda Arogya Dham is one such blessing of Parabrahma Nityananda.