His Holiness Swami Vijayananda is the Founder of Nityananda Arogya Dham. He has massive knowledge of Ayurveda that he learnt first-hand from the many Yogis and Saints that he had been acquainted with all his life of wander and spiritual practices. Earning the blessings of his Guru, he dedicated his life towards the welfare of human beings. His ashram that came to be set up on its own 20 years back attracted many seekers and poor people who needed attention on their health, household activities, and other life issues.

Swami Vijayananda mentored them, supported them, helped them and gave his advice based on the teachings of his lineage of Gurus. People found solace in his advice and solutions and found themselves being healed with the herbal and ayurvedic medicines he was prescribing. Owing to this, the ashram that he today runs – Nityananda Dhyan Kendra, came to be known world-wide inviting more people to visit the ashram and also spend time in meditation. Under the guidance of Swami Karunakar, who lived in the Mumbai slums and was known to be an ascetic, Swamiji soon laid the foundation for this healthcare and rejuvenation center in the midst of this natural setting, walkable distance from the ashram. His focus was to provide Ayurvedic services in a very natural and divine setting that could bring in natural healing and also add grace into their lives.

Swamiji sings and writes music and many of his audio productions have been popular among the Kannada speaking crowd. He has written dozens of books of which many have been translated into English, which then spread over the globe increasing the number of visitors in this locality. More details of His ashram can be found on www.vijdhyan.org. Accepting people of all religion, practice and faith is one of the most valuable assets of Swamiji’s fame among many people around the world. Swamiji speaks Kannda, Hindi and Tulu and also has leant conversing in English after many westerners began communicating with him. Anyone who speaks with Swamiji would easily conclude of having a heartful, joyful, humorous yet informative conversation, and leave with more profound wisdom.