Nityananda Arogya Dham is a Holistic Rejuvenation Ayurvedic Center situated in the natural divine environment amidst nature in North Karnataka, India. What makes this place special is the natural healing vibrations of this land which has been the abode of many ancient Sages. Bevinkoppa village is situated in Belgaum, Karnataka, that enjoys a very pleasant climate throughout the year. The Center is situated in nature, surrounded by vast fields, trees and birds chirping. 

Nityananda Arogya Dham was opened with the intention of bringing healing and cure in a natural way under the expert guidance of certified Ayurvedic Doctors, but all done in an atmosphere that resembles home. The Founder of the Center, Swami Vijayananda, desired strongly to set up such a center that gave health seekers homely food and familial care where health seekers can spend time in silence, peace, with no distractions of a stressful city-life. He states that health is natural and spontaneous and it will accelerate if done naturally, the reason why he provided this in the natural setting.

Nityananda Arogya Dham was inaugurated on September 29, 2016 by the Hon. Minister for Ayush, Govt of India, Sri. Sripad Naik and by the then Hon. Minister for Panchayat and Rural Development of Karnataka, Sri. H. K. Patil.

The healthcare center consulting doctor, Dr. C. R. Pujar, focuses on treating patients more holistically and naturally by diagnosing the root cause of the health challenge of patients and directing them to the appropriate treatments with Ayurvedic medicines that involves no side effects on the physical or mental health of the patient.

The center very well understands and works on the fact that disease happens when one stumbles from the natural course of life, when one’s vibrational frequencies drop due to wrong lifestyle and toxic life situations. Here in the center, focus is to enhance the vibratory frequencies and attune patients back to the frequencies of good health. A boon to enhance health here is the fact that this land has been the meditating place of numerous Sages in the past, due to which the land naturally has a higher vibratory frequency and helps a great deal in raising the vibrations of patients to restore natural health easily.

Food plays a vital role in the health of man and hence, the center has a separate kitchen and dining area that provides special satvik food for the inpatients.

Since its inception, the healthcare center has seen good recovery results in nearly 90% of the patients who chose to come here. The Founder of this Rejuvenation Center, Swami Vijayananda, credits every miracle happening here to the blessings of his Guru – Karunakar Swami, all coming from the lineage of Parabrahma Nityananda, a great realized being who had walked this earth few decades ago, in the presence of whom millions have experienced miracles and are experiencing even today.

Swamiji, who has himself been blessed with the wisdom of Ayurveda through the tradition of the great seers, states that it is the path of purity and natural good living that health and wellbeing can be assured of. Swamiji’s ashram “Nityananda Dhyan Mandir” is just walkable distance from this Rejuvenation Center, where seekers from around the world have been coming, staying, meditating and rejuvenating for more than 10 years now. The ashram has also been having the presence of great living spiritual Masters (see all the Masters who visited here), due to the grace of which the ashram has been able to be a healing and rejuvenation center itself to thousands. Every year seekers from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Norway, Germany, Chech Republic, Poland, Holland, Spain, Netherland, Muscut, etc, come here and stay for days to weeks before they return back to their homelands refreshed and energized. Thousands of poor villagers frequently visit here and benefit from the free food and services provided by the ashram. Thousands of poor children enjoy free meals, free education material, uniforms, and other facilities. (Know more on ashram activities.)

The vision of Nityananda Arogya Dham is that, with the gift of this rich science of Ayurveda, under the expert care and guidance of certified doctors, and with the grace of this divine land, every human coming here for health and well being must receive the best healthcare during their visit and stay here.


Your Contributions

Nityananda Arogya Dham completely runs on charity received by Nityananda Seva Samithi Trust that functions under the ashram. The health center was established with a vision to serve humanity through Ayurvedic treatments. It is due to the large-hearted contributions that many free medical camps, free medicine supply, nutritious meals for children and sponsored treatments for poor patients have been possible.