Specialised Treatments

There are few specialised treatments done here, for which specific number of health seekers visit us. All these are inpatient treatments ranging from 3 days to 15 days.

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The Natural Setting

Healing and natural recovery takes place much in nature and in a setting that has a homely atmosphere, food, and treatment. Have a look at the natural setting.

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Patient's Experiences

More than anything, only patients can testify their experiences of having been here and experienced wellness. The satisfied patients share their experiences with the world.

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Nityananda Arogya Dham is a Holistic Rejuvenation Ayurvedic Center situated in the natural divine environment amidst nature in North Karnataka, India. What makes this place special is the natural healing vibrations of this land which has been the abode of many ancient Sages. Bevinkoppa village is situated in Belgaum, Karnataka, that enjoys a very pleasant climate throughout the year. The Center is situated in nature, surrounded by vast fields, trees and birds chirping.

Nityananda Arogya Dham was opened with the intention of bringing healing and cure in a natural way under the expert guidance of certified Ayurvedic Doctors, but all done in an atmosphere that resembles home. The Founder of the Center, Swami Vijayananda, desired strongly to set up such a center that gave health seekers homely food and familial care where health seekers can spend time in silence, peace, with no distractions of a stressful city-life. He states that health is natural and spontaneous and it will accelerate if done naturally, the reason why he provided this in the natural setting.


Nityananda Arogya Dham was inaugurated on September 29, 2016 by the Hon. Minister for Ayush, Govt of India, Sri. Sripad Naik and by the then Hon. Minister for Panchayat and Rural Development of Karnataka, Sri. H. K. Patil.                               >> know more

Updates From Us

First LIVE telecast

Today, we had the first ever LIVE Facebook telecast from Swami Vijayananda. Swamiji spoke a few words from Nityananda Arogya Dham. He spoke a bit on how the mind is the main culprit... READ MORE